«​Erotic Time»
in Kiev

Professional erotic massage is the best way to spend time with sensual pleasure. In addition to pressure, rubbing and other basic techniques of classical massage, there is an exciting and gentle stroking with the hands, buttocks and other parts of the body of an experienced masseuse. The client is brought to the pinnacle of pleasure thanks to the gentle effect on various erogenous zones.

Service prices.

Express RELAX 30 min 700 UAH
Erotic STANDART 60 min 1200 UAH
Double RELAX 90 min 1800 UAH
Lingam massage 45/75 min 1700/2200 UAH
Hour of inspiration 60 min 2100 UAH
Trio Erotic Time 60 min 3400 UAH
18+ negotiable
Erotic Show 30/60/90 min 2000/2500/3100 UAH
Foot fetish 30/60 min 1500/2000 UAH
Nuru massage 45/75 min 1700/2200 UAH
All inclusive 75 min 3200 UAH
VIP №1 60 min 5600 UAH
VIP №2 90 min 4400 UAH
VIP №3 120 min 5000 UAH
Relax at your apartments 60/90 min 1600/2100
+ taxi


Erotic massage for men and women is the main activity of our center. If desired, our beautiful masseuses will hold a bright and creative lesbian show with your direct participation. Candid scenes performed by two or more girlfriends (the number of naked fairies of your choice) will be accompanied by an exchange of hot kisses and all kinds of erotic massage techniques. Experienced and slender masseuses are also able to arrange a real peep show with a trip to your home (before your eyes caress yourself, tease, play relaxed with your body). New and regular customers appreciate our salon for the following guaranteed benefits:

Price and quality

Excellent quality of services, despite their affordable cost. We maintain a transparent pricing policy, and are always honest with our customers. Including, when indicating the full amount of payment and time allocated to erotic massage. All conditions for performing ero-massage are agreed in advance. Programs do not last less than the stated period - our customers do not need to think about hours and minutes.

Only beautiful

A wide staff of craftswomen who clearly meet the strict requirements of the sphere of eromassage. Each massage therapist “Erotic Time” is experienced and qualified, and at the same time young and beautiful, a specialist in her field. When ordering an erotic massage online, you can rest assured that a beautiful relaxed girl will arrive at your address, with an appearance corresponding to the photo and description on the site. All photos of our masseuses are real. Each employee has undergone appropriate training and has good manners.


Convenient schedule of the salon. You can order an intimate massage of any kind (erotic massage for couples, Japanese nuru, Thai erotic massage, etc.) 24/7. We need a minimum time to check out your apartments. Please note: we conduct erotic massage at home and in the salon (open without holidays and weekends). Literally any of your fantasies that do not include penetration can be realized.

In the Erotic Time salon you will be offered something more than a regular erotic massage of the whole body. You will receive complete relaxation for the soul. Thanks to the gentle and gentle touches of experienced craftswomen, you will experience an incredible feeling of flying, get an excellent mood, sharpen the perception of each sensory organ.


Only beautiful masters - choose a beauty
to your taste and plunge with her into the sea of ​​interesting sensations.
176 Height
24 Age
2 Chest
168 Height
23 Age
2 Chest
170 Height
22 Age
2 Chest
173 Height
26 Age
2 Chest

Erotic massage in Kiev
satisfies all the natural desires of men.

Almost any technique of erotic massage is aimed at:

  • Warming up the client's body and starting the process of its excitation.
  • Allowing the guest to achieve ultimate enjoyment and linger at the peak.
  • Performing body discharge.

Sessions begin with a visit to the shower (located in the same room), general massage and warming up, rubbing the limbs, back, and abdomen. Our girls do not strive to immediately provoke sexual arousal among clients - complete relaxation is a mandatory step, so the procedure continues for a long time.

Intimate massage can stimulate every cell in the body. The delicate effect is carried out on various erogenous zones - the sensitive gaze of an experienced masseuse is able to predict the wishes of the body of the guest of the salon, without requiring words.  

Talk about how to do professional-grade erotic massage can be infinitely long. Much depends on the technique chosen by our client - lingam massage and, for example, nuru massage involves exposure to different points and areas of the body.

No less significant is who acts as a client - a girl or a man? Or maybe an intimate massage for two. Contact the manager of the Erotic Time salon and you will receive detailed advice on all types of services, their cost and duration.

Despite the differences, it is possible to identify common features that professional erotic massage for women and for men will have:

  • As a result of an intimate procedure, the guest of our club comes to the highest point of pleasure. Initially, the client experiences incomparable pleasure from the relaxation of all areas of the body, after - from the stress of its certain areas. At the final stage of the session, the masseuse in the most pleasant way eliminates the sweet feeling of arousal;
  • The girl and the client do not enter into an intimate (sexual) relationship. At the same time, an ero massage session guarantees no less sensual pleasure than a sexual act of intimacy;
  • The massage therapist touches the body of the client (s) with the buttocks, chest, arms and other parts of a slim and elastic body. Once again, we note that much depends on whether, for example, a lingam massage or a classical procedure is performed.
  • During the session, the client is completely naked. Body massage is always performed by a completely naked masseuse with an impeccable figure.

Popular services

Choose a service you like

Express RELAX

1 girl
30 min 700 UAH


  • Erotic massage


1 girl
60 min 1200 UAH


  • classic massage
  • erotic massage

Double RELAX

1 girl
90 min 1800 UAH


  • erotic massage (2 relaxation)
  • classic massage

Hygiene and sanitation issues in our massage club

One of the significant advantages of our massage parlor is that we pay great attention to hygiene and cleanliness. Wet cleaning is carried out indoors at least twice a day (more often if necessary).

During the session, guests are provided with a full set of disposable hygiene items - sheets, slippers, towels. As well as shampoo and soap in disposable packaging. You can take a shower before and after the program.

Every day, all rooms are treated with quartz lamps (completely eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, viruses and fungi). We make sure that our time spent in a relaxing and at the same time exciting, as well as absolutely healthy atmosphere.

Having ordered an erotic massage for a girl or a man as a romantic gift, you can rest assured that your choice of salon will be appreciated.


Customer Reviews of Erotic-Time Salon
В салоне "Erotic Time" отпраздновал день рождения в стиле "мальчишник". Всё было организовано на высшем уровне. Спасибо, девочки!
директор СТО
Обожаю расслабиться в окружении красивых девушек. Отличный способ отдохнуть и восстановить силы. Рекомендую салон "Erotic Time"!
Заказал VIP-массаж и отлично отдохнул. Девочки очень старались, я прекрасно провёл время. Буду посещать салон "Erotic Time" постоянно.

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