Lingam massage

1 girl
45/75 min 1100/1300 UAH

Be sure this massage technique will definitely not leave you indifferent. We confidently declare that we can surprise you using the ancient Indian teachings of Tantra, which explores the infinite attraction of the male and female principles. With the help of this technique and essential oils, which will only enhance and prolong your sensations, we will bring you to ecstasy, and then we will extend your senses with a professional classic massage.

Erotic massage in itself can become a memorable adventure that will help get rid of the accumulated stress and relax. Massage Lingam will help to experience something new, will exalt to the pinnacle of bliss. Erotic Time salon offers erotic massage “Lingam massage”. Our girls will help you get an unforgettable pleasure.

What is Lingam massage?

Man and woman lingam massage

Lingam massage is an ancient Hindu practice. The word "lingam" itself is translated as a rod of light, but this is not only a designation of a cult subject, but also a male penis, because in the beliefs of ancient India, it was considered to be the one giving life. But this is all the theory how erotic massage “Lingam massage” is done in practice these days.

In the Erotic Time salon, the procedure includes a whole range of services:

  •     Classic massage;
  •     Erotic massage;
  •     Lingam massage;
  •     Touch.

For a start of incredible beauty, a naked craftswoman will massage the client’s body, removing blocks from muscles, relaxing him. Gradually, her movements become more tender, smooth, the girl glides with her breasts, buttocks, hips over the client's body, missing every inch of it. When the man is completely relaxed, the mistress goes directly to the massage lingas. Each movement gives incredible pleasure.

Aromatic oil is used to aggravate sensations, it makes every touch amazingly gentle, aggravates all senses, excites. Additionally, the girl can use feathers, pieces of ice.

The duration of the procedure is 45 or 75 minutes at the request of the client. During the massage, a man can touch a naked girl, which further aggravates the sensation.

Who does lingam massage?

There are a lot of girls working at Erotic Time. Each of them is unique, each is beautiful. Craftswomen not only have amazing shapes, but are also true professionals in their field. They know exactly how the male body is arranged, how to give the highest pleasure, they are familiar with different massage techniques.

In the “Girls” section you will find spicy intimate photos of girls showing employees in all their glory. Also, about every masseuse there is data on age, breast size and height. The erotic massage service “Lingam massage” is done by one girl. The client, no matter how difficult it may be, will have to choose only one beauty.

Where is the massage done?

Lingam massage what is it

To enjoy the Lingam massage, you need a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. At Erotic Time, services are provided in separate apartments. It has everything you need to give the client an unforgettable pleasure. Dimmed light, a huge comfortable bed where a girl and a customer can comfortably accommodate, candles, quiet music, incense - all this sets the necessary atmosphere.

Lingam massage will bring bliss to any man. It can become a reward after a long week, help you fall into serenity, plunge headlong into unprecedented pleasure until then, fully feel your masculine strength and sexual energy.