1 girl
60 min 1200 UAH

During this session, you can learn all the art of body massage, enjoying the beautiful bends and feel all the delights of a classic massage from fingers to toes performed by one of our essays.

Nothing relaxes a man like a sexy and skilled woman. This statement is true for those masseuses who provide erotic massage service “Erotic STANDART” from our salon. Beautiful girls with experienced hands can lift a man to the peak of pleasure in order to drop him from there into the ocean of pleasure. What is included in the service of erotic massage?

Erotic massage "Erotic STANDART": features of the session, performance techniques

Massage Erotic STANDART

The erotic massage "Erotic STANDART" includes the following:

  •         Beautiful and professional masseuse;
  •         Classic massage;
  •         Erotic massage;
  •         An opportunity to touch your masseuse.

A session lasts 1 hour and costs 800 UAH. Massage technique with an erotic bias involves the use of pats, pressure, rubbing the client's body. The exciting component looks like a slight stimulation of the erogenous zones of a man. A massage therapist knows how to bring the client to a boiling point, and then help him let off the steam. Sensual pleasure without having to enter into an intimate relationship after the first session becomes for a man the same need as a dream or food, as it brings him incredible pleasure.

The benefits of erotic massage "Erotic STANDART": the effect of massage techniques on the body


Erotic STANDART all you need

Many people know how useful classic massage is. And few imagine how useful for the male body can be an erotic massage “Erotic STANDART” with all the ensuing consequences. The manifestations of the benefits of this service include:

  •         Increased blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  •         Updating seed material.
  •         Stress relief and relaxation.
  •         Elimination of muscle clamps.
  •         Strengthening the flow of lymph and blood throughout the body.
  •         Reduced back and lower back pain.
  •         Increased muscle tone.
  •         The fight against early prostatitis and impotence.

It is amazing what a simple erotic massage is capable of in relation to the male body. Psychologically, this procedure can be as follows: remove mental blocks for pleasure, liberate, give pleasure and pleasant sensations throughout the body. A useful and pleasant procedure is performed in specially equipped rooms. All sanitary and hygienic standards are strictly and regularly observed.

Erotic STANDART - an intimate service where everyone is satisfied. In a clean and comfortable atmosphere of our salon you can get real pleasure, memories of which will remain in your memory forever. A professional massage therapist will do everything so that you can never forget the sensual pleasure you experienced with Erotic STANDART.