Relax at your apartments

60/90 min 1600/2100 + taxi

If you are tired or maybe you just do not know the city well - this is not a reason to deny yourself pleasure and relaxation.


Fatigue after a working day or a long trip is best relieved by a relaxing foam bath, massage, and caresses of gentle female hands. It is difficult to arrange a full relaxation evening if there is no beloved woman and her bewitching hugs nearby.

But do not be discouraged. There is an exit. This is an “Relax at your apartments” erotic massage from the Erotic Time salon. If you are exhausted, tired, need feminine warmth and attention, book a massage with a home visit! A charming stranger will arrive at a time that is convenient for you, will help you relax, will envelop every cell of your body with caress.

Who can use the "massage at home" service?

Comfortable massage Relax on departure

No need to go anywhere to get care, relaxation and pleasure. One call to the salon - and all this will be delivered directly to your home. Order an erotic massage with a trip if:

  •         there is no strength and desire to go somewhere to enjoy a massage;
  •         Do not know the city and the location of the massage parlors;
  •         I don’t want to burden myself with the search for a good institution that provides the appropriate service;
  •         there is a desire to just relax at home, in the familiar atmosphere;
  •         after the massage, you just want to sleep well, and not call a taxi and go somewhere in the night.

What includes an erotic massage "Relax at your apartments"?

The complex of relaxing massage with home visits includes:

  •         full-fledged classic full body massage;
  •         fantastically pleasant erotic massage;
  •         touching the body of a masseuse.

The procedure can last 60 or 90 minutes and cost 1,300 or 1,600 UAH, respectively. It all starts with a classic massage. The girl carefully studies the entire body of the client from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. Kneading and warming the skin, each muscle. Removes clamps in places of plexus of nerve fibers.

Classic massage prepares the client for the upcoming erotic. The man is already completely relaxed. His blood circulation is activated. The masseuse girl begins to caress his erogenous zones, gradually raising the degree of tension higher and higher.

In the process of performing both the first and second types of massage, the client can touch the girl’s body, satisfying his need for tactile contact. The vast majority of men find touching velvety female skin quite exciting and pleasant.

The erotic massage “Relax at your apartments” ends with complete customer satisfaction. Together with the previous massage, this completely releases and fills the man with unimaginable erotic pleasure.

Want to experience how nice it is? Call Erotic Time, select a girl and set a time! By the right moment, a skilled beauty masseuse will come to you and help you experience real euphoria from professional erotic massage.