VIP №2

1 girl
90 min 3300 UAH

The name of the program speaks for itself. For those who want and can treat themselves and their imagination, who are not afraid of new and thrills. Try and allow yourself a royal rest, the main and single demand will be entrusted, we know everything else ourselves ... And be sure after that you will never be the same again)

Erotic massage VIP No. 2: exquisite pleasure, an adventure for real men

What includes VIP № 2

Perhaps, every man should at least once experience what erotic massage VIP No. 2 is. However, once is unlikely to be enough: you will want to repeat the amazing sensations again and again. The action lasts an hour and a half, and during this time a beautiful sexy girl will show all her charm for the sole purpose - that you experience pleasure!

Our guest can choose a girl that meets his aesthetic needs. After all, emotions are the most important thing in erotic massage! The atmosphere is conducive to relaxation: soft, refined music, burning candles, the aroma of oils that will soon be on the man’s body ...

So, VIP No. 2 erotic massage begins with typical classical massage techniques: a man lies on his back, and a girl kneads his body, as if warms up and smoothly leads to more frank actions. Then the man turns on his back, and then the beauty acts more relaxed: touches all parts of the body, allowing the partner even kisses and mutual caresses. At will, she can perform an erotic dance - and these are the sweetest, unforgettable minutes of anticipation. By the way, during the session, we offer customers exquisite champagne - for a complete sense of the holiday.

Foamy pleasure and love obsession - relaxing bath plus gentle massage

At some point, the girl will offer the man to take a bath in the jacuzzi, filled with fragrant foam. What could be more romantic! Warm water in itself acts relaxing, especially when a stunning slender beauty is immersed in water. And then the same aqua relaxation begins: a pleasant massage of the neck and shoulders, playful touches under water. No male stress accumulated over a difficult working day can resist the skill of a charming mistress.

Peep shows and lingam massage: the art of erotic dreams from bright girls

What a man doesn’t like to watch how a beautiful girl sensually caresses herself, exhausted from passion! A peep show is akin to peeping through a keyhole, it is something forbidden and therefore especially attractive. A man observes, but penetration and too bold gestures are prohibited. And here the excitement is growing, the male libido requires frank action and logical conclusion ...

At this moment, the girl begins lingam massage - the most pleasant and sensual technique. The Lingam, or male rod, in India was once called the pillar of light. This shows how respectfully women treated the main male organ. Of course he deserves it! It was in India, in the homeland of the Kama Sutra, that lingam massage techniques arose. Confident, rhythmic and at the same time gentle movements of skillful hands deliver the client exactly to the destination - to the much-desired finish and discharge.

So, let me know what an erotic massage VIP No. 2 is. The cost of our service is 2500 UAH. Believe me, this will be one of the best purchases that you will remember with pleasure and, of course, recommend it to your friends.