Erotic Show

1 girl
30/60/90 min 1700/2000/2400 UAH

This program was created for those who like to pamper their imagination. First you will have to pass a visual test, watching how slowly and erotically our craftswoman will undress. Then you will drown in the caresses of erotic massage, at the same time watching how your muse caresses yourself and only after complete relaxation, you can begin to relax the whole body from fingers to toes, paying attention to every part of your body.

Erotic SHOW - a new level of entertainment

Erotic massage is an unforgettable sexual adventure available to any man. In this matter, the right attitude is especially important. How to achieve it? Salon "Erotic Time" offers different packages, they have different durations, include various services. One of the popular offers is erotic massage “Erotic SHOW”. In this case, the massage itself is preceded by a spicy show performed by a stunning beauty.

What is included in the service

Erotic massage "Erotic SHOW" will not leave indifferent any man. This includes the whole complex:

  •         Peep show;
  •         Erotic dance;
  •         Classic massage;
  •         Erotic massage;
  •         Touch.

The peep show introduces an element of mystery, peeping. The client sits in the distance, watching the beauty slowly, languidly undress, while gently caressing herself. When the girl remains almost naked, she goes on to a stunning erotic dance. Looking at him, it is impossible to think about anything else, not to experience wild excitement.

Only after the completion of a spicy show does the craftswoman proceed to the massage itself. To begin with, it completely relaxes the client’s body, flexing each muscle, removing blocks from it, driving away fatigue and tension. Gradually, more eroticism appears in her movements. The girl glides naked elastic body on the client, caressing, touching the buttocks, hips, chest, hair. In this way, every centimeter of the client’s body.

Aromatic oils, feathers, pieces of ice are used to aggravate sensations. It brings its piquancy, diversity. But most importantly - the client in the process of massage can touch, caress the girl. A stunningly beautiful naked body cannot leave a man indifferent.

The benefits of massage with an erotic show

Pros of Erotic SHOW

Erotic massage is beautiful in itself. But if the girl before that shows herself in all its glory, this will allow the man to relax, consider the skilled worker in all details, appreciate all her charms. A peep show is a real delight for the eyes. The girl gently caresses herself, becoming inflamed more and more. The client, on the other hand, looks at this; it is simply impossible not to experience excitement. A piquant erotic dance will become a passionate prelude to massage, during which the customer can touch and caress the girl.

All the girls working for us literally feel customers, all their secret fantasies, desires, will help bring them to life. Erotic massage “Erotic SHOW” will be a stunning and unforgettable event that will fill the visitor with male power, inspiration for new achievements. It will allow you to feel your sexual power, relieve accumulated stress and tension.