Nuru massage

1 girl
30/60 min 1500/1800 UAH

Nuru massage is a Japanese technique of erotic massage. It is a unique combination of business and pleasure. The main goal is complete physical and emotional relaxation. Every millimeter of the male body will cover ecstasy, while not a single corner will be left without attention. The highlight of this technique is a special gel for nuru massage, which enhances your sensations and feelings at times, and this is not a myth! The culmination of the program should be a complete relaxation of the body and cleansing the mind of the hustle and bustle of ordinary days and thoughts.

Erotic massage “Nuru massage” - maximum pleasure in one procedure

Nuru massage for men

Erotic massage “Nuru massage” is a procedure that will give you maximum harmony between body, thoughts and soul. This is the case when the mind completely forgets about all the problems and is filled with unlimited pleasure. Nuru is the best end to a hard day for both a man and a woman.

Japanese technique Nuru Massag. What to expect from the service?

The Japanese erotic massage procedure “Nuru massage” is a massage technique in which your body is caressed not by the soft hands of a masseuse, but by her entire body. The service is carried out by a girl who knows how to influence the bare areas on especially sensitive areas of the client. A mandatory attribute of a love massage of this type is a tasteless oil that does not have any smell.

Erotic massage "Nuru massage" begins with the fact that a completely naked girl with neat and gentle movements of her hands covers every corner of her body with oil. As a result of this treatment, the already attractive skin takes on an even more refined look, shine and eroticism. After the masseuse covers herself with a thin layer of oil, she slowly approaches the guest and proceeds to a direct massage act. The velvety skin of the girl is in contact with the body of the client. Chest, lips, legs, face ... No part of the body will be left without attention.

Gentle touches, velvet skin of the masseuse, her sensual work with hands awaken the most secret feelings, desires, emotions. Additional relaxation brings a special gel, which contains natural ingredients (algae). He does not distract from the main action, helping to better feel the partner, delve into his feelings and immerse himself in them with his head.

How will the procedure end and why should I choose Erotic-Time?

Endless caresses, touches, erotic atmosphere ... All this leads to the desire to experience something more, interesting, strong. And the Erotic-Time masseuse will also help you with this. With the help of mutual caresses, she will be able to bring you to maximum pleasure, giving unforgettable emotions for a long time.

In our salon, erotic massage “Nuru massage” is carried out by young girls who know perfectly well which erogenous points must be influenced to achieve pleasure. Each of the masseuses has an appropriate education and is distinguished by a beautiful appearance, smooth skin, and an attractive figure. We value professionalism and aesthetics. And these two criteria are combined in every girl.

Erotic-Time Studio works for you around the clock. In addition, everyone can order the Nuru service at home, having enjoyed in the familiar atmosphere. Each Nuru session lasts 45/75 minutes and costs 1200/1400 UAH. respectively. During this time, you will only have to enjoy the girl’s abilities and get the most out of the procedure. What will happen after completion? You can always extend your session and plunge into the storm of global pleasure again!