Double RELAX

1 girl
90 min 1400 UAH

By choosing this program you will get only twice as much. Our excursion into the world of bliss will begin with the first part of an erotic massage, then your body expects relaxation, from the storm of previous emotions, with the help of a classic massage, where you can fully recover and be inspired by new exploits. And so that our session remains unforgettable, we will fix the ego with the second part of erotic massage, relaxing every part of your body.

Erotic massage Double RELAX

This type of massage can be called the optimal solution. It allows you to enjoy the work of a masseuse, take your time and forget about the world around you for the duration of the session. To better understand the features and benefits of this type of massage, they should be described in more detail:

  •     Massage "Double RELAX" is performed by one masseuse. Her qualifications and experience allow us to bring the client to the highest degree of tension and relaxation. At the same time, the wave of acute pleasure grows and gradually decreases, giving way to relaxation. Alternation of bringing to the peak of pleasure and relaxation, allows you to best relax, relieve stress and energize;
  •     During the session, such a mass is guaranteed 2 relaxation. The duration of the session is one hour. The skill of the girl will not allow to achieve complete relaxation too quickly and will not allow this moment to drag out. Relaxation will be desired and after it comes the time for a gentle gentle massage. After which, the masseuse will again bring to the peak of pleasure;
  •     This one-hour program includes the use of several massage techniques. So, its obligatory element is classical massage. It relaxes and relieves muscle tension, allows you to remove pain in the back, lower back and neck. Girls perfectly master the skills of a classic medical relaxing massage. In this case, there will certainly be touches. It is they who bring to the peak of excitement and allow you to get maximum pleasure. The touch of all parts of a naked, well-groomed body is incredibly exciting.

Clients do not need to do anything, they just have to surrender to the skillful and gentle hands of masseuses. At the same time, the cost of this massage is only 1100 hryvnia, which is not comparable with the pleasure.

It is recommended to book such a massage in advance if a certain time is important, since even a few days all massage therapists can be busy.

Double RELAX double pleasure

Erotic massage can be the best way to relax after a busy day. In the men's club only professional masseuses work, who differ in model appearance and perfect figure. In addition to the abilities of the girls themselves, special attention is paid to the club’s interior. Massage rooms are made in an erotic style. Dimmed lighting, large beds with a soft headboard - everything tunes to switch from current problems to enjoyment.