All inclusive

1 girl
75 min 2600 UAH

If you want everything at once, then you made the right choice, dwelling on this program. It includes all the erotic fantasies of every man.

We will introduce you to the unique and unique technique of massage nuru, which will take you so far that you do not want to return. After you fully trust and relax, we proceed to the classical part of our insidious plan, for the satisfaction of body and soul. Giving every centimeter of your body, you can be filled with new strength, energy, inspiration in order to create and perform new feats, as you will have another erotic massage test ahead of you. It will be unforgettable…

Erotic massage "All inclusive" is a comprehensive service that will allow you to relax and enjoy. The procedure is as exciting and exciting as possible, but performed without intimacy. During the massage itself, the girl brings the client to the peak of sexual arousal.

Features of the massage "All inclusive" - ​​what the client will receive from the procedure, duration and price of the service

Erotic massage All inclusive

Performed by one girl, during the procedure you will be left alone with the lady. The duration of the procedure is 75 minutes - this time is enough to go directly from the prelude and light rubbing to the massage itself and close contact with the bodies. The cost of the service is 1800 hryvnia.

The erotic dance of a half-naked girl will set you up for rest, letting you only guess what will happen next. After the dance, passionate kisses await you, which in their intensity of passions and emotions should come close to the first kisses at school or at the very beginning of a new relationship. From kisses, the girl gradually moves to the touch - you ordered an all-inclusive erotic massage, so get ready to get a complete relaxation from the session.

Classic full body massage and aqua relaxation - relax and recharge with positive

You will be located on a comfortable double bed, and a beautiful girl will constantly please you. Knowing the active points, the charming woman will be able to relieve fatigue, increase mood and vitality, charge you with energy. The massage is topless so that the client receives not only physical pleasure, but also aesthetic pleasure. Then the girl undresses completely to give you a massage with her body - you ordered an all-inclusive erotic massage! Aromatic oils and incense are actively used, tea, coffee, champagne are served to the client.

Then begins the aqua relaxation - use directed with a certain force jets of water in the hydromassage shower or in the jacuzzi. Water well removes all residual tension and relaxes the body.

Lingam massage - the most interesting and exciting for you left in the end

Lingam massage is massaging a man’s reproductive organ, a massage culture came to us from a Hindu culture. In the process of massage, not only the penis itself is involved, but also the erogenous zones near it. In time it will take 10-15 minutes, usually the procedure is postponed to the very end of the session.

Lingam massage begins with excitement, then the man is kept at the peak, so that in the final part of the session go to the peak. The girl defines the sensitive areas individually for each man in order to give him maximum pleasure.