We value your time, desires, fantasies and therefore decided to create only for you such a program where you can spend your time as you like, by choosing any duration of the session, you can also add the program, for the thrill, with a striptease or peep show, to experience imagine the charm of the unique technique of massage lingas, enjoying the beautiful body of your craftswoman, and we will do everything to make you satisfied and remember this for a long time!

Any wishes 18+

Professional erotic massage "18+" is aimed at the complex relaxation of the guest. At the same time, its main advantage is the possibility of combining unique techniques, which together bring a maximum of vivid sensations. The guest will be able to evaluate the professional approach and independently “direct” the session into a channel more attractive to him. In the equipped salon, all conditions for such manipulations are created.

Features of conducting an erotic massage session according to the 18+ program

Noir massage, footjob, express relaxation, standard eromassage, lingam or an hour of inspiration - all these salon services are now available when ordering this service. Since the client makes up a unique program for himself, the duration of the procedure and its cost can be changed depending on specific requirements. A masseuse girl will perform massage with the help of her slim body and a unique combination of touches that guarantee maximum immersion in the process.

If we talk about the advantages of such a service, it turns out that the 18+ erotic massage is ideal not only for sophisticated guests, but also for beginners. Thus, the guest will be able to immediately try several popular practices and find out which manipulations give him the greatest pleasure. In addition, masseuses create a pleasant atmosphere directly during the massage itself. Before the start of the session, the client can give his recommendations or ask any question he is interested in.

What features make up the price of a service?

Professional erotic massage "18+" cannot cost too cheaply. The fact is that female masseuses have a high degree of competence, thanks to which you can achieve maximum relaxation for any client. Moreover, the cost of such a service depends on a set of individual options, their sequence and duration, as well as the number of female masseuses. Of course, a similar aspect is discussed individually.
Additional bonuses of erotic massage "18+":

  •         profitable service, which is in great demand, has rooted in different age groups;
  •         the ability to complement a regular massage with a striptease or peep show
  •         the duration of the service is selected by the client;
  •         the opportunity to try different techniques in the format of a single session;
  •         A large selection of add-ons for beginners and demanding guests.