What are the main stages of a body massage and by what technique is it carried out?

In order not only to stretch your muscles and tone yourself, but also to enjoy the touches of beautiful masseuses, it is worth trying a body massage. This procedure includes several stages where essential oils with a relaxing effect are used. The main difference is the massage technique, in the process of which not only the hands, but also the rest of the body are involved.

What are the main stages to divide a body massage from the very beginning until the end of the procedure?


Body massage is not for every girl. Only an experienced masseuse can do everything at the highest level, observing the main stages of the procedure. It is necessary to highlight 5 points:

  1. Massage preparation. There is a bathroom with a massage room, where a man or woman can take a shower and a bath with foam. 
  2. Total Relaxation (Gong Fu). First, the muscles of all parts of the body are flexed. Grinding is slow so as not to cause discomfort to the client. 
  3. Tao Stage. Hand pressure movements are still slow, but at the same time they are more intense.
  4. Strengthening the effects of hand pressure (An-mo). This is especially true for certain areas of the client’s body.. 
  5. Body contact. In the final part, the masseuse begins to do body massage: breast, hair, buttocks, lips or stomach. 

Thanks to this procedure, you can forget about the usual routine and get memories for a long time.

Body massage session: individual approach of masseuses to each client

Having ordered the body massage procedure, you can get additional services depending on your desires. In this type of massage, the following points are present:

  1. Number of masseuses. Kneading the body with different parts of the body can be carried out by several girls at the same time in one session.
  2. Preliminary shows. Before the massage, you can order a dance in the form of a striptease, where the girl will completely undress in front of the client.
  3. Profile Selection. You can choose a girl for massage yourself, paying attention to your preferences.
  4. Type of body massage. The main type and technique of massage is chosen by the client.

The session can be held not only in the massage room, but also in the designated place of the client.

What smell of essential oil is most suitable for massage with all parts of the body?

When the client has decided to choose a massage procedure with all parts of the body, he should find out which particular smells of essential oil should be chosen for relaxation. The most famous:

  1. Jasmine.
  2. Cedar.
  3. Neroli.
  4. Sandalwood.
  5. Patchouli.

These oils will help you relax and enjoy the touch of experienced girls. They are not used in their pure form, their proportion is 1:10. With a choice of oil, the masseuses will tell you.