Mutual enjoyment

1 girl
60/90 min 1300/1800 UAH

If you like to know and unravel the secrets of the female body, then this session is for you. You can use all your rich experience or vice versa to acquire it) You can also manage this program yourself: you can trust the magic pens of your chosen one or first pamper her with your gentle touches, and in the end receive thanks in the form of complete relaxation.

The best way to relax for a man is a beautiful and spectacular girl next to him. And if she also touches him, then this is a double pleasure for him. Sometimes you want to relax after a hard day and escape from everyday problems! Our salon employs professional masseuses who are ready to excitingly organize leisure activities. Their gentle and magical hands will bring a sea of ​​positive emotions and provide a complete relaxation. A man will be able to enjoy the beautiful curves of the girls and sensitive touches to his body. He will instantly plunge into the extraordinary atmosphere!

Session Features

Sensual massage Mutual pleasure

Erotic massage "Mutual pleasure" from our salon allows you to learn and unravel the secrets of a luxurious body and magnificent forms of a girl. In addition, a man can manage the program on his own. He can pamper his beloved with gentle touches, and then entrust himself to her. Gratitude in the form of complete relaxation is guaranteed! The masseuse works out every part of the client’s body with gentle movements, and also gives him aesthetic pleasure. She carries out all the procedures in a sexy outfit that delights even the most finicky esthete. Seductive clothes allow him to carefully examine her curvaceous forms and even touch them.

Erotic massage "Mutual pleasure" includes the following:

  •         a spectacular and professional masseuse who performs all the actions not only effectively, but also sexually;
  •         conducting a classic massage, providing for a thorough study of body parts;
  •         erotic massage, during which the man receives aesthetic pleasure;
  •         mutual affection (a man can touch a girl).

A session can last 60 or 90 minutes. Its cost is 1000 UAH or 1300 UAH (depending on time). Massage technique involves the use of rubbing, pressing, patting the body of the client. Erotic massage is aimed at stimulating its erogenous zones. The girl knows how to properly give a man pleasure both physical and aesthetic. She performs all massage techniques on a professional level, so that the client can not only get rid of fatigue and pain, but also spend an unforgettable time with a spectacular choice.

In a healthy body healthy mind!

benefits of massage Mutual enjoyment

At the end of the session, the man will feel much better. Erotic massage "Mutual pleasure" will benefit him because the following changes will occur in his body:

  •         blood circulation in the pelvic organs is activated;
  •         blood flow throughout the body will increase;
  •         pain in the spine will decrease;
  •         muscle tone will increase.

This session will also enable the man to get rid of stress and nervous breakdowns, and prevent the appearance of impotence and prostatitis.

Have a desire to relax after a hard day? Want to improve your well-being and get a great aesthetic pleasure? A professional masseuse from our salon will provide the Mutual Enjoyment service. In a clean and comfortable atmosphere, the client will be able to enjoy not only her spectacular movements, but also professional massage techniques. After such a session, he will only have unforgettable emotions and pleasant memories. And why not make an original gift to a friend, brother, colleague in the form of an erotic massage "Mutual pleasure" from a sexual and caring masseuse?